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Technical Translations

Lingua Valley offers technical translations for small, medium and large companies operating at the national or international level.

The most commonly-requested documents for technical translations are:
Technical Bulletins
Technical and Scientific Reports

We provide both sworn translations and standard translations.

We translate into dozens of languages, including English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese.

The technical field – by which we mean the world of science, engineering and architecture – is the one we have traditionally worked with the most over the years, given the large number of projects and contract tenders which are carried out in a transnational context.

It is therefore essential to translate reviews, reports and manuals into the language of the country where the project or contract tender is to take place. In some cases, the translated document must also be sent to public bodies or consulates for approval after being certified and/or authenticated with an apostille in a court of law. Our team of translators, all professionals with many years of experience in the world of technical translation, enables us to provide a highly professional service.

A peculiarity of technical translations is that in certain cases they instruct or direct the user to perform certain actions, for example assembling or disassembling a machine. Differences between a translation and the original version of a document can obviously lead to errors and undesirable consequences.

The process of choosing the right translator for a technical translation must therefore consider a number of crucial factors: proven experience in translating technical terms, background in a specific field (engineering or architecture) and an impeccable knowledge in both languages of the terminology in question.