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Medical and Pharmaceutical Translations

Lingua Valley offers medical translations for individuals, companies and public bodies

The most commonly requested documents in medical translations are:
Medical Reports
Medical Records
Medical Texts
Test Results

We translate into dozens of languages including English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese.

The main difficulty in carrying out professional medical translations is the large number of acronyms, abbreviations and specific terminology contained in medical texts. It is estimated that there are around 20,000 medical terms in addition to drugs, body parts or names of individual diseases.

Another factor must also be taken into account: the vast majority of medical terms come from Latin, which on the one hand facilitates the translation of a text between two languages belonging to the same culture, but on the other hand complicates it when one of the two languages in question comes from another strain or alphabet.

The translation of a medical text obviously involves some additional scruples due to the subject of the document: the health of a patient and the need to communicate this status to a public or private body so that the necessary care and treatment can be administered in the proper manner. So even more so than in other areas, medical translations do not allow for errors.

For all the above reasons, we have a team of translators with a medical and pharmaceutical background and many years of experience in the translation of medical texts.