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Financial Translations

Lingua valley offers translations of financial documents for small, medium and large companies operating at the national or international level.

The most commonly-requested documents for financial translations are:
Balance Sheets
Financial Reports

Our most common combinations for financial translations are from English into Italian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and vice versa.

Nowadays, financial translations are increasingly in demand due to the number of local companies which enter foreign markets by setting up branches outside their national borders.

It is therefore becoming essential, for legal reasons, to draw up accounting and financial documentation in all the countries in which the company operates.

Lingua Valley can offer qualified, trained experts for the translation of financial documents.

Just as in the case of the legal sector, the financial sector has its own highly specific reference vocabulary. A literal translation from the source language into the target language is often impossible.

For this very reason, documents frequently use English-language terms that cannot be translated into other languages, or that have been adopted world-wide for reasons of simplicity.

It is also important to highlight the frequent use of acronyms and numbers, which require complete attention and impeccable precision from the translator.

The profile we have identified for this type of translation is a professional who is specialised in the financial sector. A professional with work or university experience in the sector, and who has experience in translating the most important types of financial documents.